PT Teknika Sarana Gardian (TSG) provides a series of services, commencing from hardware maintenance for ATM machine, particularly for a leading brand....

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PT Teknika Sarana Gardian (TSG) provides a series of services, commencing from hardware maintenance for ATM machine, particularly for a leading brand....

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PT. Teknika Sarana Gardian (TSG) exists since 2001 is a company engaged in the services of Information Technology (IT) Equipment.

Product & Service

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)

Currently, TSG performs maintenance actively of approximately 4.000 ATM machines spreading throughout Indonesia from prime banking customers as well as local banks ( BPD.BPR, etc). Supported by more than 200 well trained and certified engineers, TSG are capable to handle various ATM from various well known brands.

TSG has two working units to deliver the service of ATM

Service Working Unit which have a great number of engineers deployed in large and small cities througout indonesia. The main task is to deliver high and standardize service of ATMs known as service level agreement (SLA)

Repair Center which repairs ATM modules, starting from monitors, currency and diverst casettes, card readers, depositors and dispensere

Personal Computer and Server

As a service partner for some leading Principals, TSG is entrusted to be an authorized service center of world leading computer products. TSG repairs and delivers services of PC and its peripherals, either in the scale of server, PC, laptop or printer.M

For details, in the fields of PC and Server, TSG also divides its services into two working units, namely: a. Authorized Service Center :: DELL and BROTHER Products b. Service and Maintenance :: Other IT product Brands (Acer and Lenovo)

All of our services are supported by a standardized work system namely Service Level Agreement this has been stipulated by the Principal which emphasized to high-quality for excellent services (accurate & measureable). All can only be conducted by the supports of competent and certified technicians in their fields and continuous training as absolute requirements for the success of the services of TSG.

Bank Equipment

Since we are expert in handling service and maintenance of ATMs, TSG also becoming a strategic partner for a reputable and big banking equipment supplier in indonesia. Our job is to deliver service for maintenance the banking equipments such as:

      Passbook Printer,
      Cash Register,
      Queue Machine and CCTV,
      Counterfeit Money Detector.


With key competence of the technicians/Customer Service Engineers in IT maintenance, TSG is also experienced in handling network equipment, particularly in airlines. The network equipment handled includes routers, switches, firewalls, particularly for Cisco, as well as cabling.

We also handle some supporting equipment in airlines, such as baggage printer and bag tag printer, and project visa on arrival.

Our main activity in networking is the services of on-site network system maintenance (visits to our customers).

Software Development

In IT solutions, now TSG has developed a software development unit, mostly required by companies in making efficiency of their work process.

      ERP-based aviation application,
      Inventory Monitoring,
      Call center application.
TSG, as the system designer, builds and develops a system scenario and hardware suitable for creating a reliable system for the needs of business. To handle the activities of services and maintenance of banking equipment conducted by engineers working on site. The applications for internal needs already made are monitoring systems of claim, attendance and inventory.


In this field of voice communication, TSG also delivers services and maintenance which are frequently accompanied by the procurement of PABX equipment and supporting devices. To date, with the support of existing network, TSG is prepared to serve various demands of the customers for the needs of PABX hardware, from Old Model PABX until the latest one, IP-based PABX, along with its supporting spare parts, starting from servers, gateways and cards as well as related parts. The scope of manufacturers, among other things, includes AT&T, Lucent, Avaya, Panasonic, Ericson, Nortel and Alcatel. TSG customer base consist of the following industries:

      IT ServiceCompanies,
      Airlines Companies,
      Consumer Product,
      Power Energy System
      Insurance Industry

Repair Center

TSG Repair Center has been working together with the service and maintenance working unit that had been carried out since the early establishment of TSG. Our main capability in this field is to handle repairs on ATM machine modules, such as monitors, dispensers, card readers, currency and divert cassettes as well as depositors. As the authorized service center, TSG currently serves repairs on PCs and laptops of Dell as well as printers, multifunction printers and facsimile machines of Brother.

TSG focuses the activities of the repair center working unit not only in Jakarta, but it can also delivers repair services in other 9 primary service points located in large cities and branch offices of TSG throughout Indonesia.


PT. Teknika Sarana Gardian (TSG) existing since 2001 is a company engaged in the services of Information Technology (IT) Equipment.

Our Vision

TSG is to become the best choice to collaborate in service & maintenance and an ideal business partner for world-class companies in Indonesia..

Our Mision

TSG provides a total solution approach to service & maintenance problems in the rapidly changing and developing condition of IT segment which used widely in business activities.

PT. Teknika Sarana Gardian
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